Failure is not an option

Failure is not an option graphic
Failure is not an option graphic

Have you ever worked tirelessly at something for weeks on end, only to be met with one stumbling block after another?

Hello! That’s me. I’m the queen of if-it-can-go-wrong, it-will-go-wrong. I do not remember when my streak of bad luck began, but it has followed me around like a sketchy stranger for a long time.

Starting this blog has been no different. It began with a spark of an idea, that has turned into a whirling inferno of setbacks. I’m so lost in code and web design speak that I don’t even know if this post will load to the site! But writers don’t just sit on their feelings; they write about them and now that I have some semblance of a blog started – I’m going to post it. Because to me, failure is not an option.

What kind of setbacks have you had, and how did you work through them?

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